(Video) One-handed martial artist Jake Peacock scores amazing comeback KO victory

Jake Peacock is a one-handed Muay Thai athlete.

He achieved a remarkable victory over an able-bodied opponent after being knocked down several times.

Peacock’s inspiring story serves as an example of how individuals with impairments or health conditions can overcome adversity to achieve their goals.

Peacock was born with a shorter right arm, which made it nearly unusable in combat sports.

Despite this, he began competing in various combat sports at the young age of 11, without participating in Paralympic sports.

In his most recent competition at the Muay Thai World Cup, he faced off against Eric Rocha, an able-bodied opponent.

Although Peacock was knocked down several times and initially trailed behind Rocha, he recovered in the second round and landed a powerful left hand that sent Rocha to the mat, ultimately winning the match.

Peacock’s training and hard work have contributed to his impressive abilities. He began competing in karate at a young age and has since competed in MMA and Muay Thai.

Despite experiencing bullying in the past due to his condition, he persevered and became a world champion in Muay Thai. Peacock now owns his own gym and aspires to compete in ONE Championship, the largest MMA promotion in Southeast Asia.