(Video) Older couple get brutalized Leaving Dodger Stadium

According to the LAPD, a couple was assaulted while they were leaving the Dodger stadium.

Unidentified suspects punched, choked, and pulled the hair of the two victims throughout their assault. The two victims reportedly went to the hospital, although it’s unclear how badly they were hurt. The LAPD is on the trying to find the perpetrators.

The horrific attack on an elderly couple happened this week as they were leaving the Elton John performance. The attack was caught on camera, as were the suspected attackers.

The video has been trending on social media for the last few days. A man and a lady, both in their 60s, were brutally beaten Thursday night as they attempted to leave the parking lot by what seemed to be a group of at least 4-6 individuals.

According to sources with firsthand knowledge, the elderly couple had attended the performance alone. They were about to depart when a lady reportedly struck their side-view mirror. This prompted the husband to step out, approach her, and ask why.

The lady allegedly attempted to swing on the elder guy at that point, but he stopped her. At this time, the guy was surrounded by at least two males, who began hitting him. Although the video is disturbing, you can see him being beaten.

Sadly, it wasn’t finished yet. According to reports, the woman jumped out to assist her husband but was instead reportedly body-slammed to the ground by some of the group’s male members. Both of them were left there powerless while witnesses watched after she was knocked out.

Onlookers recorded it but did nothing further to aid these unfortunate people. One man followed the group as they attempted to flee the area and filmed. However, it seems that he has assaulted himself when the man in black saw him and pounced.

We learn that the woman eventually recovered after the pair was assisted back into their vehicle. Sources claim that while they were waiting for EMS to come, security at the stadium and/or first responders arrived way too slowly. After a while, the wife was able to drive the two of them to the hospital, where the husband was reportedly hospitalized.

The children of this couple were not there on the night in question. They are now appealing to the public for any information that would help them find the six persons who they believe beat their parents and have even filed a police complaint.

According to our law enforcement sources, the LAPD is aware of the event and is looking into it.