(Video) Ohio kids facing assault charges after students were forced to say ‘Black Lives Matter’

Several Ohio elementary school children are facing assault charges following a disturbing video that surfaced of a group of black students attacking white students and forcing them to say “Black lives matter,” according to police.

The incident occurred at Kenwood Elementary School in Springfield, Ohio, and was captured on surveillance footage.

The footage, obtained by local news station WKEF, shows a tall student grabbing a smaller one around the back of the head and marching him across the playground, with another student joining in to hold the struggling victim.

Other students joined in when he was taken to an area near swings, with one charging in and knocking the helpless youngster to the ground, seemingly throwing a punch. A third attack shows the group knocking down another student and dragging them along the ground.

According to the police, the incident was racially motivated, and they are actively pursuing charges against the students involved. At least one of the victims was punched in the head. The 17-minute clip does not have sound, but Springfield police said a group of pupils had forced white children to say “‘Black lives matter” and filmed them saying it.

The principal of Kenwood Elementary confirmed that some of the students who refused to comply with the demands were “chased down and escorted, dragged or carried” to the area near the swings, as shown in the surveillance footage.

Parents of the victims have spoken out about the attack, with one mother stating that her 12-year-old sixth-grader was among those “forced on his knees” and made to say “BLM.” The father of another victim said his son “was actually one of the ones thrown to the ground.”

Springfield City Schools released a statement saying they do “not approve of and will not tolerate the reported behavior” and that they would discipline the students involved. The local NAACP president Denise Williams said the students had been suspended, but maintained that the kids should not be charged, claiming that the attacks were being blown out of proportion.

The racially motivated attacks at Kenwood Elementary School in Springfield, Ohio, have  appalled parents, students, and educators alike. The incident serves as a reminder that racism and prejudice have no place in our schools or society.

It is essential that those responsible for the attacks are held accountable and that steps are taken to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.