(Video) OF star turned boxer Astrid Wett vandalizes rival’s car in hopes of igniting rivalry

MisFits boxing star Astrid Wett has recently sparked a fresh round of conflict with Alexia Grace, as captured in a newly released video.

In the footage, Wett can be heard mentioning that Alexia’s car is nearby, and she claims to have something in her own car for that situation. Subsequently, she retrieves a can of spray paint from her vehicle.

Wett proceeded to spray-paint a Mercedes Benz, allegedly belonging to Alexia Grace, expressing her frustration. On the windshield, she daubed the word “Thief.” Regrettably, Wett made an error in the spelling of the word, writing “Theif” instead. Furthermore, she added her initials to the rear windshield using spray paint.

The act of vandalism was prompted by Alexia Grace’s alleged theft of Wett’s MisFits boxing belt. The ongoing feud between Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace originated from an incident that occurred during the press conference for the KSI vs Joe Fournier fight.

According to media reports, Grace poured water over Wett, leading to a heated argument between the two. The situation escalated into a physical altercation, requiring the intervention of event security to separate them. It was later revealed that Alexia Grace had taken Wett’s boxing belt without permission.

The Twitter community strongly criticized Wett’s retaliatory act, with numerous tweets calling on the London Metropolitan Police Service to press charges against her for vandalism.

Wett remained unapologetic for her actions, firmly stating, “She’s a thief, she deserves it.” In response, Grace took to Instagram, captioning her story with, “Who does she think she is standing on my car?” and “Learn how to spell, it’s embarrassing.”

Currently boasting a 2-0 record in her boxing career, Astrid Wett emerged victorious in bouts against TikToker Keeley Colbran and Love Island star AJ Bunker. Wett was initially scheduled to face fellow OnlyFans star Elle Brooke, but the match was canceled when Wett withdrew from the event.

Alexia Grace, also a prominent content creator on OF, has yet to make her boxing debut. However, she has persistently sought a match against Astrid Wett since March 2023. Following the altercation between the two, Grace issued a challenge, stating, “Get in the ring with me.”

The ongoing clash between Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace drew interesting reactions online including the poignant remark that ‘this is the state of boxing in 2023’.