(Video) OF influencers Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace come to blows ahead of grudge boxing match

Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace are two prominent influencers with a long-standing feud, who are set to face off in a grudge match on Saturday.

The conflict between the two influencers began at Misfits Boxing 007 in May, when Grace doused her with water during a press conference. This led to an exchange of blows between the two.

After the event, Wett became upset that she couldn’t get Grace to agree to compete. So she decided to settle the score on her own by launching her own promotion.

Earlier this week, Wett and Grace came face-to-face at their open workouts. But it was on Thursday that tempers reached a boiling point. During the encounter, Wett forcefully pushed Grace to the ground on two occasions.

On the other hand, Grace made quite an entrance. She walked onto a table and ended up throwing a fish at Wett. The tables turned when Wett retaliated, drenching Grace with a water gun.

While talking about the match, Wett said: “I think she’s actually crazy wanting to get in the ring with someone who’s had two fights before. I’m not a good boxer, I’ve been doing this for a year but she’s not even had one fight.”

Despite acknowledging her own limited experience as a boxer, Wett maintained that her determination and skill would secure her victory. She said: “On paper I should easily win, but I feel I’m more determined than she is and I’m here to prove a point. She’s just here because she wants a bit of clout.”

“I won’t lose, there’s not a doubt in my mind that I will lose. I know she’s been saying that she trains with the best coach in the UK, everyone says that. It’s not about the name, you could get Mike Tyson as your trainer but if you haven’t got it, you haven’t got it. Her hands are like tiny little baby hands, she’s not going to come anywhere near me. She will feel a one-two from me and run away.”

On the other hand, Grace seemed less fazed by Wett’s taunts. She acknowledged feeling nervous initially but gained confidence from being in front of the cameras.

Grace said: “I was a bit nervous yesterday but after being in front of the cameras, I’m used to it now and that’s why I made a grand entrance. My gym is full of female amateurs and I’ve been sparring every single day. My gym wouldn’t put me in for a fight if they didn’t think I was ready, they wouldn’t ruin their name by doing that.”

The rivals shook hands on a pre-fight bet that will result in a rematch at Misfits for Wett’s women’s flyweight title.

Grace stated: “I’ve said you can have your belt back regardless, win or lose this fight you can have this back, you have my word. If I win, we go on Misfits and we fight for this. I’ll shake on that.”

Wett replied: “Well, you’re not going to win the fight so it doesn’t matter. Yeah fine, agreed.”

At the conclusion of the press conference, the two began to argue once again. Wett shoved Grace as she turned to the side, forcing her to the ground.