(Video) NYC grocery store cashier pummeled in eyebrow raising attack

A grocery store in the Bronx became the scene of a vicious and unprovoked attack on a defenseless cashier. The attack, which took place on a Sunday afternoon, was caught on video and has since gone viral.

The victim, Lisbel Rodriguez Luna, a 25-year-old cashier at Food Universe in Fordham Manor, was left battered and bruised by a woman and her grown daughters. The attack, which was over an argument regarding recyclable bottles, has left Luna terrified to return to work.


The attack was initiated by a woman who had skipped the line to turn in a ticket for cash in return for recyclables. Luna, who had called her out for skipping the line, was met with verbal abuse and threats of violence from the woman. Luna obliged and handed over the money, but the woman made it clear that she would return with her daughters to “kick her a**”.

The following week, the woman returned with her daughters and another older woman, waiting outside the store until Luna was at the register. The women then stormed in and repeatedly pummeled Luna while store employees attempted to intervene. Luna was punched multiple times and left bruised and battered.


Despite her injuries, Luna declined medical attention at the scene. However, she is scared to return to work as her attackers are still on the loose and may return. Store manager Jose Minaya attempted to intervene and even took Luna to a deli counter to hide out while waiting for the attackers to leave. The incident is under investigation, and the advocacy group Collective Action to Protect Our Stores is calling for politicians to do more to protect workers as per New York Post.


The attack on Luna is not an isolated incident. Retail thefts have been on the rise, and workers, many of whom are immigrants, are being attacked when stores are robbed. The advocacy group is calling for leaders in City Hall and Albany to step up and ensure the safety of workers and customers in stores.

In conclusion, the attack on Lisbel Rodriguez Luna is a clear reminder of the dangers that workers in retail face. The video of the attack has gone viral, and the incident is under investigation. It is important that leaders take action to ensure the safety of workers and customers in stores to prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.