(Video) Now that’s going way too far

On this blog, we talk a lot about the nuance in martial arts. While mixed martial arts are very regulated at this time, people often crave the real life scenarios and seeing how things really play out.

But any real life scenario has real inherent dangers – from the concrete, awkwardly placed scenery to the lack of people who will interfere once a conflict crosses certain boundaries.

There’s a lot of talk about what makes a certain amount of conflict acceptable. One such case was the recent softball incident in which the parents and bystanders got involved – but only after the incident took a serious turn.

This next viral video is a perfect example of going too far. The incident in question involves two women, but despite the fact they’re women who seemingly lack knock out power, and frankly skill, there’s still plenty to be concerned about.

From the get go we see the two dig in. One of them clearly has a background in wrestling which is painfully obvious from her crisp movement on the ground.

The two clinch up and the incident doesn’t seem all that serious at first.

Here we can observe a butchered hip throw. Scarf hold hip throws are a staple of women’s MMA due to a different kind of body composition compared to males.

Ronda Rousey used this kind of throw to perfection during her UFC tenure.

As is the case with female conflicts, hair grabbing becomes a significant factor pretty much right away.

But here we see that wrestling background pop up for the girl with the lighter top and she arcs her back landing a picturesque takedown.

She’s quick with the follow through and goes to mount. At which point things took a serious turn. While it would be normal to see ground and pound from this position the girl resorts to an extreme choice. She opts to repeatedly slam her opponents head into concrete.

This is detrimental for a number of reasons, for the most part because there’s no real way to escape substantial physical damage.