(Video) NHL fans have all-out brawl in wild video

On Saturday the Arizona Coyotes and Boston Bruins were playing at the Mullett Arena in Tempe. During the match, the crowd decided to start a full-fledged brawl to the audio of “Howlin’ for You” by The Black Keys.

Within the first five seconds, a Coyotes supporter threw a drink at a Bruins supporter who was approaching. Unluckily, the same Coyotes fan seemed to punch and knock down a lady wearing a Rob Gronkowski T-shirt. However, she swiftly stood up after.

One fan pointed out:

 “Perhaps the police officer was waiting for backup before putting himself into the center of the scrum, especially in this society of anti-police sentiment. If you haven’t ever put on a badge & put yourself in the middle of it, probably best to withhold judgment & snarky comments.”

But he received push back:
“Welp, I’ve worn a badge, so I’ll say that your duty is to protect. Reinforcements can’t be more that 100’ away. Don’t just stand there. The fact that his vest is different suggests that he’s a reserve officer and didn’t know what to do. But he probably does now.”

Another on-looker observed: “Had to go back to rewatch….I didn’t realize she red shirt pushed over the seats, thought he jumped. Good catch”

Some fans observed a generational difference in how conflicts are dealt with nowadays: “I might be too old school, but back in my day, we just yel led at each other and brawl outside in the carpark during the intermissions”

Soon after, many police officers arrived to break up the brawl in an effort to lessen the damage that had already been done.

One individual was detained for aggravated assault as a consequence of the incident, according to a report from KTAR News. Five more people were cited for disorderly conduct, according to the same report. The names related to the encounter have not yet been made public.

Up until they receive a new NHL venue, the Coyotes have been playing their home games at the 5,000-seat Arizona State arena for three years. Arizona won the match with a score of 4-3.