(Video) Netflix star disqualified boxing youtuber after failing to listen to ref and cease action


Netflix reality TV star and professional boxer Chase DeMoor suffered another loss in his career after being disqualified in his recent boxing bout against YouTuber Stevie Knight. DeMoor, who is yet to win a professional boxing match. He was disqualified for continuing to punch Knight even after he was knocked out during their Misfits Boxing match in New Orleans.

DeMoor’s previous outing was against former MMA guy and social media personality Josh Brueckner, which he lost. However, he came back with a second-round knockout of Knight in their recent bout. Although DeMoor looked much improved in the bout, he was still far from being called the “greatest heavyweight in the world”.

The action took a controversial turn when DeMoor landed his third and final knockdown on Knight, rendering him unconscious for a brief moment. DeMoor continued to punch his downed opponent, insisting later that he was “in the rhythm”. However, the referee disqualified him for throwing eight punches at Knight, who was already knocked out.

Knight’s team appealed for a DQ win, and their appeal was granted, giving DeMoor his second professional loss. The pair appeared to reconcile in the ring after the fight, with DeMoor insisting that he had won by a first-round knockout.

Promoter Mams Taylor gave an update on Knight’s condition, stating that he was okay backstage. He also expressed his disappointment at the situation, tweeting, “Obviously I’m very upset that happened.”

DeMoor spoke about his performance after the fight, saying, “I came out here to make a statement win. I don’t care what that stat sheet says, that’s a first-round knockout win.” He also called out former UFC star and NFL player Greg Hardy for his next, promising to stop him without any controversy.