(Video) Nelk boys disrespect Cejudo, call him names while guards are escorting him out of the arena

Henry Cejudo might be the self appointed king of cringe but he’s also a former two division champion in the UFC as well as an Olympic gold medalist.

Of course none of these accolades mean anything if you’ve stumbled into personal riches promoting alleged crypto scams and casinos to children. This is perhaps why Dana White’s bff Kyle Foregeard of NELK boys thought it would be a great idea to disrespect Cejudo and call him names as he’s being escorted out of the arena for his conflict with Sean O’Malley.

Cejudo opted to interrupt an interview O’Malley was having with BT Sport.

Cejudo: “I’d love a tune up. What do you say precious?

O’Malley: “Serious? You’re good to go now, huh?”

Cejudo: “I’m good to go. When would you wanna bend the knee, at what time? Because I think you absolutely suck.

O’Malley: “What do you weigh?”

Cejudo: “Go ahead, carry on with the interview.”

O’Malley: “That guy is cringe-y, nobody takes that dude serious.”

Security was quick to defuse the situation with some even speculating this is UFC’s way of drumming up excitement for Cejudo’s return.

But it didn’t end there. Another angle of the altercation revealed that NELK saw it fit to involve themselves between professional mixed martial artists and meddle. This of course, isn’t the first time the NELK posse meddles in UFC business. Prior to lavish $250,000 gift they received from Dana White, they were all but confirmed to have played a part in staging a stick up on Colby Covington and resulting criminal charges for Masvidal.

They went on to call Cejudo a b*tch and meddle further.