(Video) Nate Diaz gets into first brawl after UFC release, flattens mascot and steals his belt

UFC veteran Nate Diaz just finished out his 6 year long contract with the UFC. While Diaz still isn’t free to negotiate as an open agent it’s just the question of time. He’s already getting called out by both social media stars, boxing stars and rival MMA promotions.

But Diaz is changing gears – not that he’s any mellower than usual.

Recently the Stockton native punched a San Francisco 49ers mascot and knocked him out stealing his belt in process.

Diaz defeated fellow legend Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 last month. The pair tussled for four rounds and Diaz eventually locked a guillotine choke round and made Ferguson tap at 2:52 mark. Diaz was conscious of not wanting to get cut against Ferguson and had been disciplined.

The Stockton native chose to enjoy his free time having recently attended an NFL event between San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams, where the 49ers earned a dominant victory.

Backstage, Nate Diaz crossed paths with 49ers’ mascot ‘Sourdough Sam’. The mascot was engaging Diaz in some sort of a taunt with several gestures and Nate answered without a question flooring the mascot with a punch him right on the face. The mascot dropped flat on the ground.

Diaz then decided to rob the belt from the flattened mascot before the pair hugged each other. The whole scene was recorded and went viral on social media.


After finishing out his UFC contract, Nate Diaz now has many options to choose in his fighting career. The 37-year-old previously showed interest to compete in Bellator MMA, where several of his friends compete there. However, a more lucrative option might be coming from the boxing ring.

Several famous names have been calling out Nate Diaz to exchange blows in the squared circle, including popular internet celebrity Jake Paul. Jake is now focusing his career in professional boxing with a 5-0 score against retired athletes. He is slated to face UFC legend Anderson Silva later this month but called out Nate Diaz to secure his next boxing opponent.

“A lot of people don’t want to get in the ring with me, so. There’s a lot of names out there but they’re all ducking me, from Tommy [Fury] to KSI, obviously, I think Nate’s out of his contract now. 100% I would slap the Stockton out of him. I’m focused on October 29, I have a crazy tough opponent in front of me in Anderson Silva and that’s my main focus right now.” Jake said during a t press conference last month.