(Video) Morning commute starts with a scrap after things get heated between driver and cyclist

An incident between a cyclist and a bus driver on a busy London road has been captured on camera by a commuter. The altercation occurred at approximately 7:20 am on Tuesday near Battersea Bridge on the 49 bus route.

The footage shows the cyclist approaching the bus driver and knocking his phone out of his hand, resulting in a physical confrontation.

The bus driver pushes the cyclist and attempts to retrieve his phone, only to knock off the cyclist’s hat in retaliation. The cyclist responds by slapping the bus driver, who then forcefully kicks her bike, leading to a scuffle between them.

Witnesses claim that the cyclist was repeatedly hitting the bus with her hand as it crossed the bridge, prompting the driver to yell at her. This caused the cyclist to dismount and hold up traffic, before taunting the driver and cycling slowly in front of the bus.

The altercation lasted for approximately ten minutes before the cyclist rode away. Other commuters intervened to stop the incident, but it is unclear what triggered the incident.

The incident between the cyclist and the bus driver is a clear example of road rage. Road rage is a growing problem in the UK, with incidents ranging from verbal abuse to physical violence. Dailymail was first to report on the matter.

In this case, the altercation started with the cyclist hitting the bus with her hand. It is unclear whether this was accidental or intentional, but it prompted the bus driver to confront her. The situation escalated from there, resulting in physical violence.


Road rage can have serious consequences, not just for those involved in the incident but also for other road users. To prevent road rage, it is essential to understand what triggers it and how to avoid it.

Firstly, it is important to stay calm and avoid escalating the situation. If someone else is displaying aggressive behavior, it is best to avoid eye contact and keep a safe distance.

Secondly, it is essential to be respectful towards other road users, even if they are behaving inappropriately. This means avoiding using offensive language or gestures and showing empathy towards others.


The incident between the cyclist and the bus driver highlights the dangers of road rage and the need for greater awareness of this issue. It is essential to stay calm and respectful on the road, to prevent incidents such as this from occurring.