(Video) More than 50 people partake in huge punch-up at holiday resort

In the early hours of yesterday morning, a mass incident erupted in Magaluf, resulting in the injury of five police officers and ten arrests.

Magaluf is a holiday resort located on the Spanish island of Mallorca. It is a popular destination for young people, particularly those from the UK and other parts of Europe, who are looking for a lively and vibrant party scene.

The resort is known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and a wide range of activities and attractions. Visitors can enjoy water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boating, as well as take part in other activities like go-karting, mini-golf, and paintball.

Magaluf is also home to a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants, offering a diverse range of cuisine and entertainment options. The nightlife is particularly popular, with many venues staying open until the early hours of the morning.

The altercation involved more than 50 people, who exchanged punches and threw missiles at each other, as well as at the police who intervened to break up the action.

Footage of the incident emerged overnight, revealing the chaos that occurred around 5am near a popular nightspot called Panama Jack.

Although initial reports suggested that it lasted for 10 minutes, local officials confirmed this morning that the police operation to restore order took around an hour, during which time the officers had to close the street where the majority of incidents occurred.

Reports suggest that the incident was sparked by a conflict between a group of North African youngsters and Spaniards, but later on, a group of Portuguese holidaymakers was identified as the main culprits. It is unclear what caused the conflict.

The Civil Guard officers who responded to the incident arrested eight men and two women on suspicion of involvement in the mass scrap. The brawl happened in a street called S’Olivera Street in Magaluf.

Two of the detainees were women, one Spaniard and one Argentinian. One of them tried to assault an officer, and the other damaged a local police car. A Romanian man was held on suspicion of assaulting a man he punched without warning and knocked unconscious. His alleged sparring partner had to be taken to the hospital.

After dispersing the people involved in the incident, the Civil Guard reviewed the CCTV footage and identified a group of Portuguese nationals as the main instigators. The authorities later located and arrested them at a hotel in the Majorcan municipality of Llucmajor, where they were staying following an investigation.

Five Civil Guards were injured during the incident, and they required medical attention, although their injuries were minor. Six participants in the brawl were also injured, one seriously.