(Video) Mom promises to not do drag races after her ‘bottoms’ up video goes viral

Katie Hannaford, the mum who gained worldwide attention after her unfortunate tumble during a school sports day last year, recently opened up about how her life has transformed since then. As the annual event approaches once again, parents prepare themselves for the daunting parents’ race, but Hannaford has decided to step away from the race track.

In a viral moment that captured the internet’s attention, Hannaford found herself in the spotlight when she stumbled early on during a race, trailing behind other parents. To make matters worse, her long dress failed to conceal her modesty, resulting in an unintentional mooning incident that was witnessed by both the onlookers and the millions who viewed the video online.

Now, 11 months later, Hannaford could potentially gear up for another shot at winning a medal at her daughter’s school event. However, in an exclusive interview with LADbible, she revealed that she has no intentions of participating in another parents’ race, despite her child transitioning to a different school.

“No, I haven’t,” responded Katie when asked if she had since been presented with an opportunity to compete. “And I’ve promised my girls I’ll never do another ‘parents’ race’ ever again.”

She continued, “Recently, there was a parents’ dance at my daughter’s dance competition. They announced it, and my girls looked at me and said, ‘No, mum.'”

Understanding her daughters’ wishes, Hannaford willingly agreed to sit out this time, stating, “I agreed to give it a miss!”

Regarding this year’s race, she confidently stated, “Absolutely not. As much as it was good fun, I think my running days are over!”

Reflecting on how she became entangled in the infamous race in the first place, Hannaford shared, “My oldest daughter and I were watching sports day alongside some other school mum friends. The staff mentioned a parents’ race over the loudspeaker, and Tegan, my oldest, said, ‘Go on mum, you always did it for me.'”

She continued, “When they asked for parents to join in, my youngest daughter, Beau, who was across the field, encouraged me by saying, ‘Come on mum, do it.’ Another mum and I agreed to participate. I was dreading it but thought, ‘Oh, it’s a bit of fun, why not?'”

While Hannaford may have relinquished her title as the most famous parents’ race competitor, perhaps this year she should consider making a comeback and strive for an even more remarkable performance. After all, last month, three-time Olympic gold medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce participated in a race at her son’s school and utterly dominated the competition.

As the school sports day approaches, Katie Hannaford’s decision to step away from the parents’ race signifies a new chapter in her life, one that embraces cherished memories while allowing her to explore other exciting opportunities beyond the race track.