(Video) Modern day MMA knights duke it out with police batons

A funny mixed martial arts match took place recently in Russia. Two guys clashed, featuring police batons.

Mixed martial arts has gained immense popularity worldwide, with many promotions growing and competition levels rising. Some of these organizations decided to stand out by featuring unique matches.

In addition to real mixed martial arts matches, these promotions showcase hilarious and unique bouts to attract attention. Eastern European countries, including Russia, are known for featuring such matches.

A while ago, Mediaval MMA was even a thing and we got to observe knights in full armor test themselves with judo sweeps all while clad in a sword and shield, in a ring.

These entertaining matches serve as interludes between traditional MMA bouts, keeping the audience entertained.

Recently, Russia-based MMA promotion Gas Fights joined the fun and featured a match where contestants used police batons to compete. One particular match from this event went viral on social media.

In the short video, two contestants can be seen battling each other with police batons in a small arena shaped similarly to the UFC’s octagon. Instead of a cage, they used a short wall, creating a small and round pit-like arena.

A clip that surfaced online quickly went viral.

“This is a national sport in Colombia, but without armor” – one commenter observed while another added “National sport in the streets of Barcelona.”.

To ensure safety, the athletes were required to wear extensive protective gear, including pads on their arms, legs, shoulders, and torso, along with a sizable helmet to protect their heads.

Despite the complete protection, fans wondered if the baton strikes caused any harm, but the two contestants seemed to enjoy the match. Each armed with a police baton in their right hand, they took the match seriously, incorporating various striking techniques such as kicking and punching, making the spectacle even more entertaining to watch.