(Video) MMA’s Dustin Lampros found and confronted another p**ophile recently and got him arrested

Dustin Lampros is a talented mixed martial artist and veteran of TUF. More recently, he has taken on a noble and crucial role in spearheading sting operations against predators in Florida.

With his dedication and commitment to safeguarding children, Lampros has become a prominent figure in trying to prevent online child exploitation.

Recently, Lampros and his team confronted a man who had traveled a considerable distance of over one and a half hours to meet what he believed to be an underage girl at a department store. Unbeknownst to the suspect, he had been communicating with a decoy as part of a meticulously planned sting operation.

During their investigation, Lampros and his team discovered unsettling details about the predator’s intentions. The suspect had requested the decoy to bring along an underage friend or relative, indicating a desire to engage with multiple children simultaneously.

Furthermore, upon searching the suspect, they found pot and even m eth in his possession, raising concerns about the potential dangers he posed.

In an attempt to deflect blame, the predator tried to shift responsibility onto his brother. However, Lampros, with his astute intuition and experience, saw through the feeble excuse. Swift action was taken as the local authorities arrived promptly to apprehend the predator and ensure the safety of potential victims.

Lampros’s collaboration with the Instagram channel 561pc has been instrumental in executing these sting operations. In a manner reminiscent of Chris Hansen from the renowned NBC series “To Catch a Predator,” Lampros plays a crucial role in luring predators into the hands of justice.

A gripping video shared  showcases Lampros recounting the encounter. He exposes the predator’s audacious request for the decoy to arrange an Uber ride paid for with her parent’s credit card, which involved an extensive hour and a half journey. Lampros highlights the predator’s disturbing intentions, expressing how he sought to engage with not just one, but two thirteen-year-olds.

Dustin Lampros’s dedication to both his MMA career and the protection of children exemplifies the immense impact athletes can have beyond the confines of the sport. Through his relentless pursuit of justice, Lampros serves as a powerful advocate, raising awareness about the dangers internet presents for the kids.