(Video) MMA star stands unconscious after being on the receiving side of Flying Knee KO

In a spine-chilling moment during a recent MMA match, an athlete found himself in an eerie predicament. After absorbing a ferocious flying knee, he remained standing while unconscious.

Legion MMA, an emerging mixed martial arts promotion hailing from Venezuela, recently hosted one of its marquee events, Legion MMA 7. The showdown unfolded on October 6 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, where a lineup of promising athletes took center stage.

Despite their relatively limited experience, these athletes showcased unwavering determination, delivering electrifying and ruthless bouts that left spectators at the edge of their seats. Among these captivating contests, a featherweight clash between Henry Escalona and Gerardo Bozo in the preliminary card left an indelible mark.

From the outset, both fighters charged into action, exchanging thunderous blows with relentless vigor. The audience in attendance bore witness to a contest so evenly matched that it became an arduous task to determine the frontrunner. However, it was Henry Escalona who delivered a jaw-dropping surprise at the conclusion of the first round.

As both athletes sought the opportune moment to seize control, Gerardo Bozo initiated a left jab, setting the stage for a potent combination of punches. Simultaneously, Escalona launched a devastating flying knee that zeroed in on Bozo’s jaw with pinpoint accuracy.

The impact of this aerial assault instantaneously extinguished Bozo’s consciousness, rendering him incapacitated. Yet, a peculiar sight unfolded – the force of the knee strike locked Bozo’s body into a rigid posture for several seconds. He had been knocked out cold but astonishingly remained upright, stooped over in a surreal tableau that left onlookers in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Escalona attempted to follow up with another knee strike. Fortuitously, the referee intervened swiftly, sparing Bozo from further unnecessary harm. Only then did Bozo’s limp body collapse onto the canvas. The referee waved off the contest, sealing Escalona’s victory via a first-round knockout.

With this triumphant outcome, Henry Escalona extended his unblemished record, boasting 2 wins and 0 losses. The Venezuelan fighter made his professional debut in March, securing a first-round technical knockout victory against fellow debutant Marvin Eizaga. In contrast, Gerardo Bozo was embarking on his maiden professional endeavor, resulting in a debut record of 0-1.