(Video) MMA star pops dislocated shoulder into place during the bout, wins wia KO

In a jaw-dropping display of resilience and determination, an MMA star left fans in awe as he not only fixed his dislocated shoulder during a match but went on to secure a victory via technical knockout. This remarkable feat unfolded at Legacy Fighting Alliance’s (LFA) recent event, LFA 169, held in Dallas, Texas on October 6.

LFA showcased an incredible middleweight bout that stole the spotlight. The match in question pitted Ismail Israilov against Daniel De La Cruz as the opening act of the main card.

From the moment the bout commenced, Israilov and De La Cruz wasted no time in engaging each other with relentless intensity. However, a pivotal moment occurred early in the match when, during a brief clinch near the fence, Israilov’s left shoulder dislocated. Despite the excruciating pain, Israilov remarkably attempted to reset his shoulder immediately.

Cruz, seizing the opportunity, continued his offensive assault. Israilov, demonstrating remarkable pain tolerance and grit, not only withstood Cruz’s onslaught but also initiated a takedown.

The referee intervened at this juncture, pausing the match to assess Israilov’s condition. In a truly astonishing turn of events, Israilov calmly and swiftly popped his dislocated shoulder back into place, displaying a remarkable level of composure and resilience.

While a dislocated shoulder typically leaves residual soreness, Israilov exhibited no signs of distress. Instead, he maintained his composure and proceeded to dominate Cruz. In a thrilling climax during the third round, Israilov unleashed a devastating combination of punches that culminated in a knockout victory over Cruz.

This remarkable win marked Ismail Israilov’s return to the octagon after a two-year hiatus. His previous loss to Shamil Yamilov in 2021 seemed like a distant memory as he improved his professional record to 4 wins and 1 loss.

Conversely, Daniel De La Cruz, despite an impressive streak of three consecutive wins, had to confront his first professional MMA loss, a testament to the extraordinary determination and resilience displayed by his opponent, Ismail Israilov.

In the world of MMA, where battles are not only physical but also tests of one’s mental fortitude, Israilov’s astonishing comeback stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of these athletes.