(Video) MMA star left disoriented, grapples ref after epic KO

Lights Out Xtreme Fighting witnessed a remarkable yet unusual occurrence during the recent featherweight bout between Eddie Bernal and Armando Vasquez, captivating fans with its stunning turn of events.

LXF, a burgeoning mixed martial arts promotion based in California, garnered attention for providing a platform for emerging talents. The organization’s latest event, LXF 14, held on February 16 in Long Beach, showcased promising athletes, but it was a single match that left spectators stunned.

The clash between Bernal and Vasquez unfolded swiftly, with both stars  engaging in a ferocious exchange from the onset. Amidst the flurry of strikes, Bernal delivered a devastating left hand to Vasquez’s jaw, causing him to stagger and lose equilibrium.

Seizing the opportunity, Bernal unleashed a barrage of punches, landing brutal blows to Vasquez’s face, ultimately flooring him and prompting the referee to intervene, declaring Bernal the victor via knockout in the first round.

However, the startling moment came when, immediately after the match was halted, Vasquez abruptly regained consciousness. Despite being dazed and disoriented, Vasquez inexplicably believed the fight was ongoing, assuming a defensive stance and displaying confusion akin to someone roused from a deep slumber.

As the referee cautiously approached Vasquez to quell his confusion, Bernal jubilantly celebrated his triumph atop the fence, unaware of the surreal scene unfolding in the octagon.

In a post-match revelation, Bernal himself expressed astonishment, humorously acknowledging his role in the bizarre incident.

The unexpected turn of events in the Bernal-Vasquez bout at LXF 14 left viewers captivated, underscoring the unpredictability and intensity of mixed martial arts competition.