(Video) MMA star Executes Spectacular Soccer Kick KO in No-Rules Bout at KSW Epic

At KSW Epic, a middleweight competitor delivered a jaw-dropping soccer kick knockout, showcasing the intense action of no-holds-barred combat. Middleweight contender Muslim Tulshaev capitalized on the unique ruleset of the event to secure a stunning victory with his powerful strike.

Tulshaev squared off against Konrad Rusiński in a modified MMA bout at KSW Epic, held in Gliwice, Poland. Amidst the excitement of the event, which featured a headline boxing match between Tomasz Adamek and Mamed Khalidov, Tulshaev’s performance stood out as a highlight of the night.

The bout began with a relatively subdued pace, but the intensity escalated dramatically in the third round. Tulshaev shifted the momentum in his favor with a well-placed right uppercut to Rusiński’s chin, sending his opponent tumbling to the canvas.

seizing the opportunity, Tulshaev unleashed a series of devastating soccer kicks to Rusiński’s head, culminating in a decisive knockout victory. The crowd erupted in excitement as Tulshaev secured the win with his dynamic display of skill and athleticism.

Tulshaev’s triumphant return to the win column at KSW Epic marked a successful debut for him in the promotion, following a brief stint with Ares FC. Despite facing challenges in his previous bout, Tulshaev’s determination and resilience have propelled him to victory in six of his last seven fights, establishing him as a rising star in the MMA world.

The electrifying finish quickly gained traction on social media, sparking discussions about the legality of soccer kicks in no-holds-barred fights. While opinions varied, there was unanimous agreement that Tulshaev’s knockout was a rare and remarkable display of talent and technique in modern MMA.

As the excitement of KSW Epic continues to reverberate throughout the MMA community, fans eagerly anticipate future matchups and unforgettable moments in the world of combat sports.