(Video) MMA star confronts man in Dagestan over PDA with girlfriend and stomps him

There are people that are uncomfortable seeing couples exhibit public displays of affection. But this rising MMA prospect may have gone way too far expressing his discomfort.

Undefeated prospect Sharaputdin Magomedov was strolling in a mall when he encountered a couple on the elevator.

During the elevator ride, the man starts to get affectionate with his partner in front of him and kisses her. The kiss wasn’t particularly vulgar – by western standards anyway.

Magomedov apparently got uncomfortable with the situation and confronted the man, making the situation even more tense.

Upon arriving downstairs, things got nasty as the man confronted by Magomedov starts punching him. However, Magomedov prevails and throws the man and lands several punches on the ground.

Fortunately, several people separated them to prevent escalating the situation. But Magomedov wasn’t satisfied at all.

‘The Bullet’ then waits for the man outside of the mall. And when he’s about to pass through him, Magomedov sucker-punches him out cold. Not stopping there, he also stomps the guy’s head hard to the concrete while he’s unconscious.

While the first exchange between the two could be accepted as self-defense for Magomedov, it’s hard to say the same with the sucker punch and the extra stomp.

It is unclear what legal charges Magomedov may face following the assault. But with the security footage, the legal battle ahead will not be an easy one.

Magomedov is an undefeated 10-0 light heavyweight prospect from Moscow, Russia. Even though only had 10 pro fights, he had fought in China, Russia, and his last fight was in Brazil.

He last fought at Arena Global 17 on February 26 this year, knocking out 47-fight veteran Rodrigo Carlos in the first round. He currently has nine KO/TKO finishes from his 10 wins.

While it may not halt his career as a fighter, this assault case might be holding Magomedov from progressing his career and moving on to the next level.