(Video) MMA pro gets DQed before his bout for jumping the cage to confront randy audience

An MMA pro has just cost himself the match by engaging in a brawl with the audience just before the contest. The competitor was disqualified as soon as this happened. The bout was over before it had even been started. His opponent got his hands raised without having to throw a punch.

The incident took place at Fury FC 73, on the main card. Drake Lopez took on Patrick Ferguson in a flyweight bout.

But before the match had started, a brawl broke out in the crowd. For some reason, Lopez jumped out of the cage and engaged in the chaos.

They brought him back into the cage, only for the ref to award the fight to Ferguson. The official announcement stated that he was DQ’d for leaving the cage.

The video shared of the incident covered everything. It also covered the hilarious aftermath of the bout that never happened.

The crowd was chanting in support of Ferguson, who celebrated with them. He said to the camera: “I guess he’d rather riot…”

Social media users are intrigued by the whole situation. Some are calling the youngster unprofessional for leaving the fight.

“Deserves lifetime ban. What happens to the ppl who had a bet on him?” commented one user.

Another wrote: “Get your priorities straight young man”

Others are saying that Lopez decided to take this way out because he was afraid.

One user, who was present there, wrote that someone in Lopez’s family was in danger during the riot.

“Someone in the crowd started attacking one of his family members who were near the barricade. Turned into a small riot for a minute. He jumped out to protect his sister or mom or someone.”

Another person in the crowd commented that the official tried to give Lopez a chance. However, he flipped him the bird and got DQ’d.

“I was there, an official was asking him something and then he gave him the finger and the official immediately ruled him a DQ. He tried to give homie a chance”

With this win, Ferguson has just taken his record to 3 wins and 3 losses. Meanwhile, Lopez’s record has fallen to 1 win and 3 losses after the L he gained from this contest.