(Video) MMA pro decides to bite opponent’s ear from back control – gets DQed

A peculiar scene took place at the Octagon 44 promotion this past weekend.

The OCTAGON 44 tournament in Almaty, Kazahstan featured a highly anticipated welterweight bout between Magomed Magomedov, the 28-year-old welterweight champion, and Adil Boranbaev, a veteran of mixed martial arts from Kazakhstan.

But the two had their thunder stolen when Brazilian welterweight Thiago Oliveira decided to channel his inner ‘Mike Tyson’ against Erkin Damenov.

The two were welterweights as well. Oliveira went into the contest with a 16-9 record anad a string of losses stretching back to Bellator in 2019.

Erkin Darmenov was a hometown hero with a 12-5 record. He walked into the cage on a 4 bout winning streak that spans across multiple promotions including Brave, Naiza and UAE Warriors as well as Octagon.

Darmenov was outgrappled by the Brazilian, Oliveira. The finishing sequence featured Darmenov grounded by the fence as the Brazilian was trying to set up a finishing sequence.

Thiago Oliveira quickly sun both hooks in and secured his control of Darmenov’s hips at which point the two were grounded. They proceeded to struggle when Oliveira tried to set up an RNC finish.

At this point something suspect occurred. Darmenov can be seen pleading with the referee as Oliveira’s hand’s beneath the chin and he goes for the finish.

Oliveira did get the finish however instant replay unveiled the unhinged way his opponent setup the submission. It appears that he had bitten Darmenov to the ear to cause him to lose focus and squirm out of back control at which point he was able to place his arm underneath his chin to set up the submission finish.

Biting has been banned in MMA since the inception of the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts in 2001. The Unified Rules were established to create a standardized set of rules and regulations for MMA competition across different states and countries. The rules are regularly updated and revised by the various regulatory bodies to ensure the safety of the fighters and maintain the integrity of the sport.

Biting was even banned at UFC 1, which took place in 1993. However, the rules and regulations at that time were not as standardized as they are now, and there were fewer restrictions on the actions including permitted groin shots.

His celebration was short lived as the referee viewed the suspect sequence and was able to determine that there in fact was a biting incident at which point Oliveira was disqualified and Darmenov was declared the winner.

The incident has also reignited discussions on the importance of respecting the rules and opponents in MMA. While the sport is known for its intense nature, it is essential to remember that the martiarl artist are still human beings who deserve respect and dignity. Any behavior that deviates from this principle has no place in MMA.