(Video) MMA fans in awe over ‘best scrap’ ever filmed

While watching UFC events, we constantly see how violent certain bouts can be. Oftentimes, the match progresses to the point where numerous injuries are sustained by the combatants. Sometimes a the blows may leave blood on their opponent’s face.

However, an altercation between the two demonstrated how a great scrap should be conducted.

The video shows the twosome scrapping like MMA pros. The two appear to be teens. It is obvious from their movement that they watch a lot of MMA matches. The fact that these two lads are demonstrating actual sportsmanship for adults, is rather remarkable.

Two boys try to fight hard in the viral video, but one of them quickly wins after he knocks down the other one with a vicious right punch. The other falls down and loses his balance. Later, the winner makes sure to check on his opponent and help him get up. They then exchange handshakes and embraces, showing the adults what genuine sportsmanship is all about.

As the video drew thousands of views, many individuals expressed their appreciation for the sportsmanship. One of the viewers commented on how the two demonstrated how to scrap properly.

“I liked this, that’s how it should be…  After you knock him down, help him up and talk it out like men.. We don’t see this much anymore.”

Another commented: “Best I’ve seen. Mutual respect given. Problem squashed. Moved on. Simple, no stomping, punching while they’re down, etc”

The last gesture touched the majority of the audience as the two returned to being friends after the two finished scrapping.

A comment read: “The sportsmanship got me at the end well done,
I respect it”

Another comment stated: “he won, had empathy, showed his concern, made sure the other one was ok, squashed the beef, and lived another day.. MEN”