(Video) MMA fan brawls powerlifter and accidentally kills him

MMA enthusiast Anar Allakhveranov accidentally killed a world-class powerlifter Andrey Drachev in a brawl back in 2017.

According to the Russian news outlet Tass, the event occurred in downtown Khabarovsk, Russia. The incident happened after the two had a disagreement over which sport was superior.

The two got into a brawl after removing their clothes. Allakhveranov eventually roundhouse kicked Drachev who proceeded to fall down to the ground.

Allakhveranov continued his assault until onlookers intervened to stop him. The incident lasted over five minutes, and it seemed that both guys consented to it since they were even seen shaking hands.

Allakhveranov was detained by the authorities after and subsequently given an 18-year jail term.

Have there been any MMA deaths in history?

MMA is one of the quickest growing sports right now. However, the hazards associated with the sport go well beyond cuts and black eyes.

No fatalities have occurred in well-known MMA promotions like UFC and Bellator. However, throughout the years, there have been a few fatalities in the sport from injuries incurred in different promotions and in training.

UFC veteran Tim Hague lost his life in 2017 after a knock out during a boxing match. He spent 10 years in UFC and other mixed martial arts circuits before he was cut from the UFC roster in 2011. After his release, he wrote on Facebook that he needed time to heal from a concussion.

Hague was 1-2 as a boxer and took on Adam Bradiwood on short notice at a local promotion. He was knocked down four times during the bout.  After the knockout, he managed to walk to his dressing room, then lapsed into a coma.

Hague’s MMA record stood at 21 wins and 13 losses. He was 33 at the time of his passing. His death sparked a number of regulatory checks in Canada.

One of the earliest boxers competitors  reported to have passed away from injuries suffered during a sports event was Sammy Vasquez of Renegades Extreme. On October 20, 2007, in Houston, Texas, Vince Libardi knocked out Vasquez in the third round. The 35-year-old had a subdural hemorrhage and fell into a coma and passed away.

A few years later, Booto Guylain of the EFC passed away from wounds sustained during a bout. At EFC 27, Guylain was brutally defeated by Keron Davies in the third round via TKO. Guylain lost his life the month after receiving a diagnosis of brain enlargement and hemorrhage.

Hardrock MMA competitor Donshay White lost his second amateur match against Ricky Muse via second-round TKO in 2017. White walked backstage alone after the defeat and passed out. After being taken to the hospital, the heavyweight passed away from hypertensive cardiovascular disease. It’s unclear if this was an amateur boxing match or some backwoods MMA promotion.

Last month, Quiñonez was knocked out by Jose Munoz at the Elias Chegwin Coliseum.

Colombian Boxing Federation published that boxer had passed away after a five-day medical struggle, since he was knocked out.

“The Barranqueño boxer Luis Quiñónez was operated on in a #Barranquilla clinic, after the KO he received in his boxing bout x the 140 libs category in which he was knocked out by his rival José Muñoz, minutes later he left the ring on a stretcher unconscious.”

The boxer collapsed in the last of the eight rounds of the scheduled bout for the national junior welterweight title. Quiñonez was just 25 years old with a boxing record consisting of 10 wins and just one loss.

Phanphet Phadungchai competed against a French boxer by the name of Anthony at the Royal Thai Air Force Youth Boxing Arena on July 15. The Muay Thai athlete took a brutal elbow to the jaw that caused him to lose consciousness in the fifth and final round.

Phadungchai was kept alive in the hospital for nine days before tragically dying over the weekend.

Kickboxer (and MMA pro) Nikhil Suresh tragically lost his life several days ago following a knock out loss during a K1 Kickboxing championship in Bangalore. Suresh was knocked out and can be seen lying still on the ground in the fall out as the on lookers crowd around him.

Nikhil was put on ventilator support upon getting transported to a hospital, but he did not respond to treatment and died in July 2022.

Simiso Buthelezi, a South African boxer, alarmed spectators when he turned aside and started hitting at an invisible opponent.

Buthelezi was on his way to earning the WBF African lightweight championship last Saturday after dominating Siphesihle Mntungwa over 10 rounds. However, things went horribly wrong.

Buthelezi started striking at the referee when Mntungwa fell over the ropes. With seconds remaining in the match, Simiso started heading to the corner and delivering strikes as though he was  shadow boxing.