(Video) MMA contest ends with spectacular upkick KO from the bottom position

In an electrifying display of martial arts prowess, a Japanese mixed martial artist orchestrated a remarkable comeback during a recent bout that left spectators awestruck. This jaw-dropping moment occurred at Rizin Landmark 7, a high-stakes event hosted by Japan’s prestigious mixed martial arts promotion, Rizin Fighting Federation, on November 4 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The focal point of the evening was the much-anticipated Rizin featherweight title clash between Chihiro Suzuki and reigning champion Vugar Karamov. Both fighters boasted impressive win streaks, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown that would be etched in MMA history.

As soon as the opening horn sounded, Chihiro and Karamov wasted no time, engaging in a furious exchange of blows that had the crowd on its feet. The intensity of their encounter eventually led them to the canvas, with Chihiro finding himself in a precarious position, lying on his back, while Karamov unleashed a ferocious ground-and-pound assault.

In the eyes of many fans, it appeared as though Chihiro was moments away from defeat. However, he defied the odds with a remarkable reversal. Amidst the relentless barrage of punches, Chihiro exhibited incredible resilience. With his legs, he pushed Karamov away and, in a split second, executed a breathtaking upkick, landing his heel squarely on Karamov’s jaw.

The impact was devastating, and Karamov crumpled to the canvas, unconscious. A momentary delay from the referee led to heated discussions, but Chihiro wasted no time and continued to pummel his downed opponent with a series of punches. Finally, the referee intervened, signaling the end of the contest.

Chihiro’s victory was secured via a first-round knockout, marking a sensational turnaround in the bout. With this triumph, the 24-year-old Japanese fighter not only claimed the Rizin featherweight championship but also extended his winning streak to an impressive seven victories. His professional record now stands at 12 wins, 3 losses, and 1 no-contest.

While fans celebrated Chihiro’s remarkable performance, there was also widespread criticism directed at the referee for the perceived delay in stopping the fight. This unforgettable moment highlighted the incredible skills and indomitable spirit that martial artists bring to the octagon.