(Video) MMA competitors fall out of a cage during an event in Poland

Mixed martial arts are a relatively young sport with a complicated set up. Besides plenty of rules and guidelines there’s also a ton of requirements when it comes to the cage. And for a good reason.

An event in Poland recently had a peculiar ending. During the opening minutes of round 1 of a bout at ContenderFightNight 7 both competitors fell out of a cage after a grappling exchange.

The video shows the two wrestling at a cage door. One competitor appears to have grabbed the door and was holding onto the fence in process of them falling out. The two proceeded to fall out with the cage doors dislodging and falling out as well.

Sadly the action could not continue because it appeared that the gentleman that was on the bottom ended up sandwiched between his opponent, dysfunctional doors and whatever else was sitting there cageside.

It’s unclear if the two fell over the steps to the cage entrance which are apparent in the video.

This isn’t the only time an incident like this happened. Previously there was a case of a heavy duty knee that sent a guy flying right out.

In a clip that was spread across social media, Romeo Reis can be seen delivering a cross-kick towards Galo’s leg. Not long after, Reis jumped and executed a pretty hard flying knee that went straight to Galo’s head. The impact made Galo, who was already in the corner, get pushed back and fall out of the cage.

At Home Fight Championship 3 in Santa Luzia (Brazil) onlookers blamed Home Fight Championship for being incompetent at managing the cage where fighters use to fight. People also suspect the damage from falling out the cage could be more dangerous than the kick itself.

Luckily, Diogo Galo didn’t suffer any fatal injury and was conscious after the incident.

Of course neither one of these incidents is as bad as the case of the scalping by cage one unlucky MMA enthusiast had to go through.

Boone’s head required 17 staples.