(Video) MMA competitor injects green stuff into his neck at face offs

MMA competitor Jeremy Williams recently secured the Combat Night featherweight championship at Combat Night: Orlando, but it was his unique faceoff that captured the spotlight and ignited a frenzy among fans.

Williams, a 28-year-old with an unblemished 4-0 MMA record, was headlining his first Combat Night card, and he aimed to make the most of this pivotal moment. As he faced off with his opponent, Latrell White, Williams unveiled an attention-grabbing move that raised eyebrows.

During the faceoff, after exchanging handshakes with White, Williams unveiled a syringe containing a green serum. He injected the serum into his neck, playfully exaggerating its effects, and then walked back from the stage as if experiencing a sudden transformation.

The viral video of this incident drew a mix of reactions from the internet community, with some fans supporting Williams’ theatrical approach and others expressing dissatisfaction.

One Twitter user humorously quipped, “He’s sponsored by Pfizer,” making a playful reference to pharmaceutical company sponsorships.

While some appreciated the theatrical aspect, likening it to wrestling entertainment, others found it childish and contrary to the authenticity of MMA.

However, there were fans who were unimpressed by the spectacle, considering it embarrassing or unnecessary.

Amid the reactions, it’s worth noting that MMA stars are regularly tested for PEDs however that only happens in major promotions, and Williams’ injection was perceived by some as a stunt rather than a genuine act.

Despite the controversy, Williams went on to win the vacant championship in a competitive bout. Combat Night praised the performances of both on their Instagram page.

The incident has spurred discussions about the line between entertainment and authenticity in MMA, with fans divided over whether Williams’ injection stunt added to the excitement or undermined the sport’s integrity.