(Video) MMA coach goes viral for spanking students ‘who come in late’

Jasur Alijanov recently found himself in the spotlight due to his unconventional disciplinary actions. The Uzbekistani coach, renowned for his work with UFC athlete Makhmud Muradov among others, garnered attention when a video titled ‘Discipline’ featuring him went viral, accumulating a staggering 350,000 likes.

In the clip, Alijanov is depicted employing a disciplinary technique that raised eyebrows across the internet. Contrary to initial interpretations, where it seemed he was reprimanding tardy attendees, the reality behind the viral video reveals a different narrative.

Rather than addressing tardiness, Alijanov was seen utilizing a bamboo stick to correct improper form among his students.

The ensuing online discussion sparked various reactions, with individuals sharing their thoughts on the matter. Some viewers expressed amusement, likening Alijanov’s methods to nostalgic recollections of old-school discipline. Others, however, raised concerns, suggesting potential discomfort among the participants and questioning the efficacy of such practices.

Despite the polarizing opinions, one prevailing sentiment emerged – the significance of discipline in martial arts training. While Alijanov’s approach may appear unconventional to some, it underscores the importance of precision and technique in combat sports.

It’s not uncommon for martial arts coaches to use various methods to enforce discipline and correct technique. However, it’s important to note that different cultures and training methodologies may have varying approaches to discipline, some of which may seem unusual or extreme to outsiders.

The reference to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father’s school, Jedinoborstvo, where students are disciplined for untidy haircuts, highlights another example of how discipline is emphasized in certain martial arts environments. These practices may seem harsh or unconventional to some, but they are deeply ingrained in the traditions and philosophies of those particular schools or cultures.