(Video) MMA champion uses post cage speech to remind mom to buy him an Airfryer

An MMA athlete at LFA 174 secured victory with an unconventional incentive – an airfryer promised by his mother. Kegan Gennrich’s amusing revelation added a touch of humor to the already intense Legacy Fighting Alliance event, making waves on social media.

LFA, a renowned mixed martial arts promotion headquartered in Texas, consistently delivers high-profile events with a roster of talented athletes. The recently concluded LFA 174, held on January 12 in Prior Lake, Minnesota, showcased thrilling matchups and brutal finishes, captivating audiences via UFC streaming service.

The main event featured a gripping clash for the LFA lightweight title between JaCobi Jones and challenger Kegan Gennrich. The earlier rounds saw cautious gameplay, with both athletes strategizing for the opportune moment. As the match unfolded, the striking exchanges became intense, while Gennrich exhibited dominance on the ground.

Despite Gennrich’s ground control, Jones displayed resilience and survived until the final round. In the fifth round, visibly exhausted, both fighters continued to battle. Gennrich capitalized on his grappling prowess, securing a tight arm triangle choke. In a moment of stamina depletion, Jones succumbed, tapping out and marking Gennrich’s victory via submission.

While Gennrich’s impressive performance garnered attention, it was his post-fight interview that stole the spotlight. In a lighthearted revelation, he shared his unique motivation for the win – his mother’s promise to buy him an airfryer if he emerged victorious.

“My mom said she would buy me an airfryer if I win, so I had to make that happen,” Gennrich humorously stated.

While Gennrich’s speech is certainly funny it also shines a spotlight on how miniscule pay is in these feeder promotions. The champions and stars from several promotions featured on UFC streaming service are expected to wave their exclusivity so that their stars could go to the UFC and not to a competitior. Not to mention they’re expected to sign a starter contract, severely limiting their earning capabilities. Starter contracts in UFC are beleived to be in the $12,000 to show $12,000 to win range and increase only slightly as the first contract nears expiry.

The victory not only crowned Gennrich as the new LFA lightweight champion but also extended his record to an impressive 8 wins and 2 losses, riding a remarkable 6-win streak. Meanwhile, Jones faced a consecutive setback after his earlier loss at Dana White’s Contender Series.

The humorous blend of an unusual incentive and Gennrich’s stellar performance created a memorable moment, resonating with MMA fans and amplifying the unconventional narratives that make each fight unique in the world of mixed martial arts.