(Video) MMA cage door opens after KO leading to one of the competitors spilling out

A hilarious moment occurred during a recent MMA bout in Mexico when one athlete was rocked and nearly fell out of the cage.

Budo Sento Championship is a relatively small mixed martial arts promotion based in Mexico that always delivers spectacular matches. They recently held one of their major events, Budo Sento Championship 14, on April 8 at the Gimnasio Juan de Barrera arena in Mexico City.

Among the matchups on the event, the welterweight bout between Marco Antonio Elpidio and Leonardo Blasco garnered the most attention from fans. It was featured on the main card and showcased an exciting battle.

Both athletes entered the cage hoping to get back in the win column. Marco Elpidio had a record of 2-2 in his latest four matches. ‘La Roca’ suffered losses against Adriano Nunes and Kyle Prepolec last year. Meanwhile, Blasco had a record of 2-1 in his last three matches. The 27-year-old was last seen in the cage in November, where he lost against Edgar Escarrega via unanimous decision.

As soon as the horn rang, they didn’t hold back, battering each other. They spent the entire first round intensely and seemingly looking to finish quickly. However, their style clash resulted in them quickly running out of energy.

Both of them managed to make it to the second round, but they were visibly panting heavily. In the last minute of the second round, Elpidio was more assertive. Both of them were pretty off-balance due to exhaustion, but Elpidio managed to land some hard shots.

They knocked each other down a few times, but Elpidio successfully stopped Blasco. The referee halted the match, marking the Mexican athlete as the winner.

The loss surely upset Blasco, but a little incident added salt to the wound. After the referee waved his hands, Blasco leaned back against the fence, which happened to be the door to enter the cage. At the same time, the cage door operator was just unlocking it, causing Blasco to almost get rolled out of the cage.