(Video) MMA bout in a Car ends with both competitors FLYING out

After a video of an MMA bout in a phone booth went viral last week, we’re back with another strange setting that happens to work out.

Russian promotion Punchclub recently upstaged their usual car jiu-jitsu events by adding another element to it – mixed martial arts.

The Car MMA bout took place in a convertible car – with both competitors having their safety belt on. When the horn sounded the two rushed to unleash themselves and assert dominance fast.

Considering that the car is a real car, one of the competitors has a wheel in front of him. This particular competitor got ahead of the wheel by getting up fast in order to not be hindered by his surroundings.

He remained on his knees for the next couple of seconds and layered on punishment on his seated opponent who was going for a takedown of sorts. The driver seat competitor even had to sprawl out of it – especially awkward given the surroundings.

He would soon fully get up and try to control the action with an overhook. The passenger seat competitor actually attempted a judo takedown which is next level considering their surroundings.

The passenger seat competitor was clearly confident in his wrestling background and secured a body lock at which point driver seat competitor posted on his own seat and stepped on the passenger seat to negate the leverage.

Wrestler ate a lot of punishment in process and was pushed into his seat for a while. There was even a big knee he ate with his back to the car door/car seat.

He was soon completely subdued to sitting in the passenger seat as he ate shots from the top. Both referees were looking for signs they needed to step in and call it a day. However in a big twist he rallied and got up with his opponent on top of him, at which point he blasted both of them out of the car.