(Video) Mixed martial artist waves machete at opponent during sketchy face offs

Face-offs have always been a thrilling marketing strategy for combat sports matches. Fans get a glimpse of how athletes size up each other before the actual bout.

Staredown or face-off sessions serve as a mental battle for athletes, a form of psychological warfare. It’s an opportunity for athletes to intimidate their opponent and inflict fear during the publicized exchange. They also try to provoke their opponents and start incidents. However, things can go wrong quickly if athletes take things too far.

However, a recent incident at Jungle Fight Championship’s face-off session in Sao Paulo, Brazil, went overboard.

A Brazilian MMA pro brought a machete to the face-off and even did a slashing gesture in front of his opponent.

Many athletes get injured during face off sessions, resulting in the cancellation of their bouts. This is why it’s essential for athletes to hold their grudges and keep calm while seeing their opponents for the first time. However, at the recent Jungle Fight Championship event, a Brazilian athlete took things too far.

A viral video on social media showed two athletes from Jungle Fight 115. The video showed the Brazilian  walking towards his opponent, already aggravated and ready to s.crap But instead of just staring down his opponent, he brought a huge machete.

The two athletes put up a stance as if they were ready to scrap right then and there. However, the owner of the organization, Walid Ismail, acted quickly and snatched the machete from the man’s hand. The incident could have led to serious injuries or even worse.

Face-off sessions are not just about showing off an athlete’s physique and intimidating their opponent. It’s an opportunity to promote the match and get fans excited. However, it’s crucial to ensure that athletes don’t take things too far and jeopardize their bout and the safety of others.