(Video) Mixed martial artist insists on continuing despite a visibly broken forearm

Professional mixed martial artist Kamariddin Hasanov showcased an impressive display of perseverance and resilience during his recent outing at the Octagon 42 event held in Uzbekistan.

Despite having a broken arm, he competed for over a minute without feeling any pain or even realizing the injury had occurred.

Hasanov, a Russian MMA pro, faced off against Odilkhon Kamolov in a grueling battle on the ground. Both athletes inflicted significant damage on each other, with Hasanov dominating at times. While raining down punches on Kamolov, the referee abruptly stopped the bout, and it was then that Hasanov and the audience noticed that his forearm was broken.

To the surprise of everyone, Hasanov stood up immediately, holding his dangling arm, and insisted on continuing.

However, the referee had no choice but to call off the action, rendering Hasanov unable to continue and marking Kamolov’s victory.

Later, it was revealed that Hasanov had been in the cage with a broken arm for over a minute before the referee noticed it.

Fans flooded the comment section, expressing their admiration for Hasanov’s warrior-like spirit and his sheer commitment.

Adrenaline may have contributed to Hasanov’s ability to continue through the pain and injury, without even realizing the severity of his broken arm.

Despite the anti-climactic loss, Hasanov’s unbreakable spirit has garnered praise from the MMA community. With a record consisting of six wins and two losses, Hasanov has proven himself to be a formidable opponent in the MMA world.