(Video) Mixed martial artist gets disappointed when opponent SLAPS him at face offs

Breaking Down 7.5 is an upcoming MMA event in Tokyo, Japan. It has gained attention on social media due to a hilarious altercation that took place during its press conference.

Jolie and Keinosuke, two Japanese MMA athletes set to feature in the main card, were the center of attention.

Face-off sessions, also known as staredowns, are a marketing tactic used to promote combat sports matches. These sessions involve athletes who are set to exchange blows meeting in person for the first time.

Fans love to watch how the face-off unfolds, while for athletes, it can be a mental battle in the form of psychological warfare. They often try to intimidate their opponent and inflict fears during staredowns. In some cases, athletes even provoke their opponents, leading to an altercation.

At the Breaking Down 7.5 press conference, Jolie tried to provoke Keinosuke and slapped him in the face during their face-off. Surprisingly, there was almost no reaction from the audience except for one security guard who slowly walked to separate them.

Keinosuke, who got slapped, barely had any reaction and simply fixed his sunglasses. Jolie, on the other hand, seemingly chickened out and hilariously ran off the stage.

Although this incident was unique, it is not the first time that an altercation has occurred during a staredown. The UFC has had many iconic and memorable staredown moments, one of which was when Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson pranked UFC president Dana White by pretending like they were about to get physical on stage.

Former UFC lightweight Sean O’Connell was also known for his hilarious antics during staredown sessions, such as taking a selfie, poking an opponent’s nose, and bringing a bucket of flowers for his opponent.