(Video) Mike Perry delivers a funny impersonation of Sean Strickland, roasts him for Ian Garry comments

Mike Perry is a notable figure beyond the realmsof UFC, and is enjoying great success post his tenure in MMA.

Perry has soared to a 3-0 record in BKFC, showcasing exceptional boxing prowess and unwavering skill within the ring. In addition to his work within the ring, Perry is renowned for his straightforward persona outside of it.

Recently, Perry ignited a skirmish on social media directed at his former UFC peer Sean Strickland. Strickland has been releasing multiple videos nowadays, notably targeting Ian Garry and his wife Layla Anna-Lee while driving.

Taking a dig at Strickland, Perry made a parody video imitating the UFC middleweight champion. He highlighted Strickland’s inclination towards demeaning others and involving himself in personal affairs.

Perry said: “What’s up guys, it’s Da Sean Strickland. When I’m not being a total bada** in the cage…I’m talking sh*t on social media about other people and their beliefs, and relationships and religion and stuff.”

Sean Strickland and Mike Perry have a history of talking trash against one another. In a controversial social media post in June 2022, Perry labeled Strickland a ‘N**i’ and a ‘racist motherf***er’ which triggered a heated exchange.

Sean responded on Instagram with a since-deleted reaction video. He said in the video: “Lmao!!!! I gotta lot of people to punch but this man (Perry) is on the top of my list.”

The animosity didn’t wane as Perry expressed eagerness for a matchup. He also called out Strickland to a bare-knuckle challenge a year later.

While Perry’s UFC career exhibited fluctuations, he cemented his stature in BKFC. He has won against renowned names like Michael Venom Page, Julian Lane, and Luke Rockhold. Following his recent victory against Rockhold, Perry redirected his focus to his social media adversary Sean Strickland.

In July 2023, Perry publicly challenged Strickland for a bare-knuckle bout via a post on social media platform X. He tweeted: “Me and Sean Strickland should bare-knuckle box, show us the money, and make it happen @danawhite @bareknucklefc”

It is exceedingly improbable that the UFC would permit a cross-promotional matchup, given the way they do business.

Perry is currently getting ready for an upcoming clash with former UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez at BKFC 56. The match is slated for December 2, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah.