(Video) Men go overboard, scrap over a skinny latte outside of a coffee shop

At a London coffee spot, two guys were spotted scrapping over a skinny latte in a viral  video. After that, they carried their dispute outdoors. This is where one of the guys was doused in a drink.

When a dispute over a skinny latte escalated into a violent conflict, customers at a Pret a Manger location in London got more than they wished for.

Before bringing their quarrel outside, two mature men were observed squabbling over the skinny latte at the coffee shop counter.

One witness recorded the event, uploading the confrontation. This is where it soon gained popularity and had more than 1.9 million views.

The altercation apparently started when the two “argued over who the ready skinny latte was for.” However, the video seems to have been removed now.

Once outside, one of the guys seemed to have reached a truce since he started walking away on his own. However, the other then threw a drink his way. This caused him to turn around and start a fight.

According to the Daily Mail, some viewers found amusement in the popular video despite the violent altercation. One commented, “Respectfully at least they threw it [the drink] outside. The staff don’t need to worry about the mess.”

One person said that it looked like the skinny latte was thrown during the altercation. This left both guys without a beverage.

The spectator said, “Now nobody has a skinny latte.”

However, another commented: “Thia gave them a better morning boost than the coffee itself.”