(Video) McGregor delivers an epic put down of Chandler: “You’ll do what you are told”

Conor McGregor is an infamous trash-talker. Some might say even the best of all time in the UFC. He has once again stirred up controversy by bullying his upcoming opponent Michael Chandler.

The two will clash on TUF 31 after serving as opposite team coaches. McGregor, who was absent from the octagon for almost two years, is finally set to make his return to the UFC.

The 34-year-old Irishman is known for his notorious attitude and clever trash talk. His insults are often iconic and seem to be spontaneously created, making his bouts more entertaining. He is undoubtedly the biggest star in the history of the UFC.

During a face-off, McGregor shoved Chandler pretty hard, which sparked tension between the two. On another occasion, McGregor made a remark about wanting to face Chandler at middleweight.

Chandler responded by saying he’d be willing to compete at 185 pounds, to which McGregor replied, “You’ll do what you are told. This is my game. This is my game forever.”

On the other hand, Michael Chandler is not known for his trash-talking abilities. It’s likely that the entire season of TUF 31 will be a one-sided situation, with McGregor doing most of the talking.

It’s unclear which weight class the two will compete in. Although it was initially thought that they would face each other at welterweight, there has been no confirmation yet. Furthermore, the date and location for their fight are still unknown.

In an interview at UFC 285 a while back, Chandler said that they might compete at middleweight, and he would have no problem with it.

“He’s talking about 185 pounds… We’ll see. I called his bluff. I think he doesn’t think that I’m heavy and as dense as I actually am. I’m sitting here at 191 pounds.” Chandler said.