(Video) Masvidal wannabe gets viciously KO-ed during flying knee attempt


In a recent Acesso MMA 3 event in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, mixed martial arts enthusiasts witnessed a spectacular and lightning-fast knockout that left the crowd in awe. The electrifying match took place on November 11 between debutants Xiko Loko and Iury Silva, creating a memorable moment in the MMA world.

Acesso MMA 3, known for featuring emerging talents and debutants, lived up to its reputation as an entertaining spectacle for fans. The match between Loko and Silva, both competing professionally for the first time, delivered unexpected excitement.

As the two fighters faced off from a distance at the start, Silva, seemingly preparing for a sprint, initiated a swift charge towards Loko. However, Loko’s anticipation and quick reflexes proved decisive. The moment the referee signaled the beginning of the match, Silva lunged forward with a flying kick.

In a split second, Loko brilliantly countered with a powerful right hand to Silva’s face, seamlessly defending against the incoming kick. The impact of the punch sent Silva to the canvas, where he lay momentarily moving. Seizing the opportunity, Loko swiftly followed up with ground-and-pound, securing victory via a first-round knockout.

The rapid sequence of events showcased Loko’s skill, strategic thinking, and remarkable speed, earning him a highlight-reel finish in his professional debut. Fans of mixed martial arts were treated to an exhilarating display of talent and quick-witted combat in this memorable bout at Acesso MMA 3.