(Video) Mass brawl erupts at Popeyes after hair pulling incident

Contrary to popular belief, women get into brawls just as easily as men – if not easier. Due to the fact that women pack less of a punching power and are therefor less likely to have detrimental consequences after a physical altercation they appear less reluctant to engage.

This is exactly what happened in a recent incident that took place at a  Popeyes restaurant.

 An employee came out from behind the register to confront a disgruntled customer, and it was immediately off to the races as all hell broke loose.

The terrible twosome first started hair pulling, prompting on lookers to engage and get involved in the conflict.

Sadly they picked sides and the conflict just spread instead of de-escalating.

It’s been a hot minute since we last saw something like this unfold seemingly out of nothing.

It’s unclear what lead to the conflict but there is one lesson that is glaringly obvious – it’s best to leave any conflict in which you find yourself outnumbered.

It’s just not worth the hassle even if you are in fact skilled in martial arts and know your way around the block – which these two absolutely don’t.

From the start it’s clear they’re more in a slapping contest than any actual martial arts exchange. THey proceed to practice the stand and bang approach until the employees swarm disgruntled customer.

Luckily both sides of the conflict escaped unscathed and were able to leave the establishment without legal repercussions.

Our heart goes out to that one customer that proceeded to just wait in line for his order even as all of this transpired in the background.