(Video) Mass brawl at Tyson Fury vs Chisora saw a fan kicked down stadium steps

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) stopped Derek Chisora (33-13, 23 KOs) in the tenth round. This was a third bout between the two. Fury tried to claim they’re the first trilogy in boxing but this actually isn’t accurate and Muhammad Ali was in two trilogies.

While people were ecstatic with Fury’s victory, the highlight of the night changed when Usky came face to face with Fury.

Fury paid his respect to Chisora after the bout and both were in good spirits.

Though people already anticipated Fury would win due to their previous clashes, Chisora still put on a show.

The atmosphere changed when Fury called out Oleksandr Usyk.

“Where’s Usyk the rabbit?” Fury said inside the ring.
“Eh rabbit? Usyk you’re next you little b****. You are next. Me and you next. You’re next. Rabbit! P****! 15st little midget bodybuilder. Well I ain’t a bodybuilder, I’m going to write you off. ”

But a bigger mess was happening behind the scenes. Roughly 60,000 fans were present at the sold out stadium to cheer on the spectacle and naturally there were incidents in the crowd.

One brawl in particular was videoed. It featured fans that got in a dispute over seats and headed to the aisle with boxing fans punching them and dragging them away.


An onlooker told Mirror:

“One group of guys came in who had tickets somewhere else in the stadium and sat in seats that weren’t theirs. I think that is what kicked off the argument as it was over the seat allocation.

“Right after the fight, one guy shouted out, ‘You come over here’, and it was after a boxing fight so I’m guessing people watch the fight and feel like it themselves. It got a bit heated and the two groups started throwing punches. The guy that got chucked downstairs were kicked out by the group.

“So the way I see it the guys who weren’t meant to be in seats weren’t meant to be in the fight. They were a separate group of people that weren’t in the video. I guess there was another group who wanted to fight jumped in to start the fight, and the guys that were thrown down the stairs were angry the group weren’t in the correct seats.”