(Video) Man stops armed robber with a Wrestling move

Wrestling is never the first martial art mentioned when talking about “self-defense”. The combat sport doesn’t feature any strikes, and most of its sports variations do not allow submissions as well. However, we often see real-life cases where wrestling proves its worth in the world of self defense. It seems like every day that people use wrestling to subdue an opponent and prevent further danger.

A recent video has gone viral featuring a wrestler that puts a stop to a robbery in a supermarket thanks to his skill set.

The successful citizen’s arrest was captured on security cameras. The video starts as the robber, armed with a knife, walks to the cashier alongside the supermarket employee.

As the alleged criminal takes the money out of the cash register, a man is seen approaching him from behind.

The man gets close to the robber and quickly locks in a wrestling move known as the “full nelson”  hold.

The move consists of the wrestler putting their arms over their opponent’s shoulders by going under the armpits and either pulling backward or clasping their fingers behind their neck, making the opponent unable to move as freely.

The wrestling move is super efficient because the robber is completely immobilized by the wrestler. Although he was armed with a knife, the criminal could not do much when the wrestler pulled him face-first to the ground.

After pinning him on the ground, the local hero removes the knife from the criminal’s hands and by that de-escalates the danger of the situation. Take a look