(Video) Man saves girl from a pitbull using a choke

When we talk about mixed martial arts saving lives we’re usually talking in metaphors. The number of athletes and fans whose life was in some way touched and improved by MMA is rather big. However this girl can be quite literally thankful that MMA saved her life.

CCTV footage captured a peculiar conflict recently. In the footage we can see the street view of a residential neighborhood as well as several dogs with their respective owners.

Quickly we observe a girl who is raising her small dog to shoulder level in an attempt to guard it from something outside of the preview.

We can observe a much bigger white dog coming into the frame and following up the dogwalker and her companion on the street with no owner in sight.

The dog is crafty and is going for the ankles of the girl who is holding the small dog. She’s bothered but unwilling to let the dog go – and rightly so.

She’s brought to her knees thanks to the ankle assault but still she’s hanging on holding her dog high.

The assailant dog has no interest in the smaller dog who is carried off by one of the observers as the girl struggles to get her ankle free of the dog and is subdued in a laying down in the street position.

Her friend is struggling to get the dog to release her skin and even tries pulling the dog – which is a big nono because if a dog is latching onto something by pulling him you’re effectively increasing the chance of him tearing the skin of whoever he’s holding on to with his jaw.

The dog is shaking his head in a tearing motion. THe two are at a loss for what to do. At which point a man comes to help. He quickly wraps an arm under the dog’s neck. He grabs the dog in a rear naked type of situation in order to have him release the calf of the victim.

Another thing takes place. A different onlooker approaches the dog’s behind. A smart thing to do in this situation is to ‘oil check’ the dog as this instantly causes the jaw to unclench. THis is exactly what we suspect the dog did in this situation.

And while the man overstepped his bounds holding on to the control way past it was necessary it’s important to know how to react in these situations.

The dog ended up passing out but could be seen regaining consciousness and running back home after.