(Video) Man gets KO-ed 5 seconds into round 1

In the world of mixed martial arts, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as a lightning-fast knockout. And that’s exactly what happened at the recent Flex Fight: Beach Brawl 24 event on June 17th. Fans were treated to an unexpected display of power and precision right from the start.

The match in question was between Khamall Dunkley and Naquan Calderon, two relatively inexperienced guys looking to make a name for themselves in the bantamweight division. Dunkley had only competed twice before, while Calderon had only one prior bout under his belt.

Despite their limited experience, both men entered the cage with determination. Little did anyone expect the swift and decisive outcome that was about to unfold. As soon as the bell rang to signal the start of the action, Dunkley wasted no time in launching a ferocious combination.

With lightning speed, he unleashed a powerful left-right punch combo that landed square on Calderon’s jaw. The impact was devastating, sending Calderon crashing to the canvas in an instant. The young Thai athlete was knocked out cold, lying motionless on the canvas, while Dunkley celebrated his victory.

The surprising knockout was captured on video and quickly spread across social media, garnering widespread attention and praise from MMA enthusiasts. It showcased Dunkley’s undeniable knockout power and solidified his reputation as a rising force in the bantamweight division.

This wasn’t the first time Dunkley had demonstrated his ability to end fights in dramatic fashion. In a previous bout a few months ago, he dispatched his opponent, Jason White, in just over a minute of the first round. However, Dunkley’s professional journey hasn’t been without setbacks. He suffered a loss in his debut match against Randy Hernandez last year.

With his latest victory, Dunkley improved his professional record to 2 wins and 1 loss. On the other hand, Calderon found himself on the receiving end of yet another defeat, dropping his record to 0 wins and 3 losses. It’s been a challenging start for Calderon since his debut in 2021, and he will undoubtedly need to regroup and strategize for future matches.