(Video) Man dressed as UNICORN and his friend trigger huge scrap at food truck

An odd incident occurred at Taqueria Casa del Sabor, a popular food truck in Las Vegas, on Monday night.

A man dressed as a unicorn, accompanied by a friend in a purple shellsuit, started a massive scrap with the taco truck employees, claiming that one of the waitresses was rude to them.

The incident was captured in a video, which was posted on the company’s Instagram page by one of the taco truck workers.

The footage shows the man in a furry white unicorn hat shouting at the employees before the scrap breaks out. The video also shows the man in the purple shellsuit throwing hands.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department arrest report, the man in the unicorn costume, Jason Wiggins of Los Lunas, New Mexico, was arrested a number of charges relating to how he engaged with five different people. His friend, Michael Boyd, was cited.

In the video, several people can be seen pushing each other just before the massive scrap erupts outside the taco store. One person on the floor, on the receiving end of ground and pound, while another appears to have been wrestled beside a vehicle.

The arrest report stated that Wiggins shouted at an employee before turning to the person filming the incident on her phone, telling her to stop recording, and trying to grab the phone a couple of times. Wiggins and Boyd can be seen waving at somebody numerous times, with Wiggins shoving another employee to the ground.

Wiggins’ son was also involved in the incident, he allegedly struck one of the employees in the face multiple times. Additionally, Wiggins was accused of shoving a female taco truck worker into a sink and hitting one of the employees with a thermos bottle after.

Police said that two of the victims suffered injuries, with one man having significant bruising near his left eyebrow, while another had bruising on his face and a large cut on his forehead. The taco truck worker, L├ízaro Alberto Correa, alleged that he and his coworkers weren’t at fault.

In the aftermath of the incident, the taco truck staff expressed their fear for their safety. Their identities were not disclosed in the arrest report.