(Video) Man decides to spar fiancé in front of their families and it goes terribly wrong

Intergender boxing is a bad idea because it raises serious safety concerns.

Boxing is a combat sport that involves physical contact and intense physical exertion. Men and women have different physiological characteristics, such as differences in bone structure, muscle mass, and strength, that can impact their ability to compete against each other safely and fairly.

The strength advantage is even more apparent in mixed martial arts.

In general, men tend to have greater bone density, larger muscle mass, and higher levels of testosterone than women, which can give them a significant advantage in combat sports like boxing.

This means that women are more vulnerable to serious injury if they compete against men in boxing matches, even if they are skilled and experienced boxers themselves.

In addition, intergender boxing can reinforce harmful gender stereotypes and perpetuate the idea that men are inherently more aggressive and dominant than women. This can contribute to a culture of discrimination and disrespect against women, both inside and outside of the ring.

A couple learned all this first hand, in front of their families when they decided to have a sparring match.

Video of the sparring went viral on social media. In it, man and his fiancé are wearing 12 oz. boxing gloves in a ring. While the man is clad in typical gym wear, the woman has heels on and an elegant dress.

While the woman appears assertive at first and appears to try and use the advantage her heels provide she’s quickly found to be out of her league and on her backstep.

And instead of taking the highroad, the man then goes overboard swinging loaded punches.

The woman seems backed into the corner as the man ramps up the action as the clip winds to the ending.

For these reasons, many experts and organizations in the boxing and combat sports communities oppose intergender boxing and have strict guidelines that go so far as to oppose even trans women on HRT competing against men.