(Video) Makeup TikToker faces backlash for allegedly doing “blackface” during Kobe Bryant homage video

A TikTok makeup artist has recently been criticized by netizens after a video of her surfaced, showing her using her makeup skills to resemble Kobe Bryant.

The NBA star passed away in 2020, and the video was uploaded almost two years ago on TikTok. However, it resurfaced on Twitter, and people are still angry about it, branding it as “wrong” and “insensitive.”

The TikToker, known as easy_baobo, applied makeup not only on her face but also on her hands and neck, darkening her skin and wearing a Lakers outfit to mimic Kobe Bryant’s style and team.

Despite the caption, which read: “Kobe is forever in my heart. Limitation makeup not imitating people just respect,” the video was controversial on TikTok, with top comments slamming the creator for doing “blackface.”

Some viewers were sympathetic with the creator, stating that she was just displaying her makeup art talent and that blackface was a reach in this case. However, others were harsh on the video, with one tweet reading: “This is actually insane.”

One commenter added: “Blackface always had the intention to insult or ridicule black people. Definetly not the case here. People being upset about this is such a first world problem.”

“This is art, incredible talent. Makeup artists replicate the appearances of people they admire,” – another added.

Meanwhile a detractor slammed the move saying: “They are calling it blackface, because it is literally blackface,”.

Some pointed out the similarity to early 2000s hit Tropic Thunder in which Robert Downey Jr portrayed a black man.

It is important to note that blackface is a form of theatrical makeup used predominantly by non-black performers to represent a caricature of a black person. It is considered offensive and racist, and it has a long history of perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of the impact of our actions and to avoid perpetuating harmful practices.