(Video) Lopez puts Rodriguez to sleep with a nasty guillotine

A professional mixed martial artist pulled an incredible finish in a recent match. He submitted out his opponent with a guillotine while standing.

CFFC recently held one of their major events on Thursday, April 20. The event took place at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Florida and was available to watch live via UFC. It was one of the best cards the promotion has ever had.

The event didn’t have a lot of match ups, but it successfully provided a lot of exciting bouts that ended with a lot of finishes. The headliner was a middleweight title bout between Donovan Beard and Gregg Ellis. Ellis was pretty dominant and successfully defeated the former DWCS contender via unanimous decision.

The rest of the card was also pretty wild, but nothing like Brandon Lopez and Jomal Rodriguez. The two exchanged blows in a welterweight title bout in the main card.

Jomal Rodriguez is only 23 years old and just kicked off his professional MMA career in 2019. In his previous bout, he returned to the win column after defeating Julian Bryan via second-round submission.

The same thing goes for Lopez. The 24-year-old is a beginner. He began his professional career in 2020. He also just bounced back from a loss after defeating Shlomo Boyd via unanimous decision.

As soon as the horn rang, both athletes quickly approached each other in an action driven manner. Rodriguez was more active during the match. In the middle of the first round, he threw a combination of punches before attempting a takedown.

Unfortunately, Lopez’s grappling was better that night. Lopez quickly wrapped his arm around Rodriguez’s neck and locked a guillotine while standing. Rodriguez tried to escape by dragging Lopez to the ground, but it was too late. He started going and out and forced him to tap at the last second.