(Video) Two Skilled Youngsters go at it in a Parking Lot

Recently, a video of an altercation grabbed our attention. It emerged on the web and depicted two youngsters trying to settle the score in a parking lot.

Generally, these types of videos usually feature two people that have no idea about self-defense or martial arts. However, in this one, the two participants appear to be well trained in Muay Thai.

The video really differs a lot from the viral videos where usually two drunk guys throw “Dan Henderson style” overhands for 40 seconds until both of them gas out.

In the video, a youngster is seen facing another youngster who has a noticeable size advantage. Unfortunately for the smaller one, his opponent appears to be well versed in striking as well.

Despite the size discrepancy, both are able to hang in there with each other. The two even throw rarely seen techniques in these scenarios – like leg kicks and even a spinning back kick.

This video is a good gage for how martial arts training can help you when needed.

It is safe to assume that if the smaller man did not have the training that only martial arts can give you, he would have been in a much tougher situation.

Muay Thai is generally seen as one of the most devastating martial arts in the world. The art focuses mostly on kicks, knees, and elbows, some of the hardest strikes a human can throw.

However, one less talked about part of the art, is the use of trips and leg kicks to get the base off of your opponent. The ability to use leg kicks and trips to take an opponent to the ground without the need of use for “grappling” per se, can be life-changing in a self-defense scenario.

That makes Muay Thai one of the best self-defense martial arts in the world.