(Video) Leon Edwards throws bottle at Covington after under the belt dad jab

The highly anticipated UFC 296 event will be taking place as Edwards and Covington gear up for a clash.

Amidst the escalating tension, Covington’s verbal barbs have been on full display. However, Edwards remains unfazed and cites that Covington’s theatrics are a mere persona.

Edwards stated: “Not really, I think Colby came out and said it himself; he’s playing a character. It’s easier to take his banter because you know he’s only playing a character, so it’ll be hard to get under my skin.”

“There will be a lot more at the presser between Colby, Ian, and other welterweights more than me and Colby. Let’s see how it plays out.”

Tensions reached a boiling point at the UFC 296 press conference when Covington took it too far by attacking Edwards’ deceased father. Edwards has grappled with the loss of his father at a tender age.

Edwards has already discussed his father in public before. His father was killed when he was only 13 years old. The British man claims that his father’s death sent him into a dark place, which MMA helped him escape.

Edwards has been candid about the pivotal role MMA played in pulling him out of a dark emotional space following his father’s tragic demise. This incident, despite his resolve to remain unaffected, tugged at his emotions, potentially influencing the upcoming showdown.

The incident only heightened the anticipation for UFC 296’s highly anticipated match between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington. Edwards stated he wouldn’t allow Covington to get under his skin, but his remark about his dad infuriated him right away. Currently,

When questioned whether the incident made the bout more personal, Edwards said that he wanted Covington to maintain the same level of intensity backstage.

Edwards stated: “Not really, the guys a piece of s*it, but make sure you keep that same energy backstage, that’s all I’m saying”

In stark contrast, Covington has been unapologetically brazen and dominant.

He said to James Lynch: “I’m coming to put this dude lights out. He’s ain’t making it 25 minutes… My prediction is complete domination, just from second one to however long it goes. He’s not going to have a glimmer of hope in this fight. I want to go out there and really set an example that he isn’t going to want to fight me in a rematch. He’s going to probably want to retire or go fight someone else where he knows he has a chance against them. He’s going to find out on December 16 live on pay-per-view.”